Perth School Photographer

Now those traditional school photos that we get every year...those days are long behind me! But the marketing photos for the school? Now that's one of my favourite projects!

We recently visited The Studio School in Fremantle, a new style of school from All Saints College. It was so interesting to see how this different style of classroom operated, and how the staff and students were so happy and comfortable in this space.

We are so used to working with people in their natural workplace, not getting models in for shoots, and the main thing to focus on is to keep people feeling natural enough in front of the camera. Some of the things we do will make people laugh at how silly it seems, but then when you see the finished product it then just looks like everyone is relaxed and having a great time.

We spent the day onsite capturing images throughout the school, showing the students engaged in their education.

Students writing Studio School Fremantle
teacher giving a lecture Studio School Perth
Students in class alternative schools Perth
School supplies on desk classroom photography Perth
immersive school furniture Perth
Students studying together Studio School Fremantle
Therapy dogs in Schools, Perth school photography
Students working together school marketing photography Perth
transformative study solutions school desks Perth
Therapy dogs helping students learn alternative schools Perth
Teachers engaging with their students Studio School Fremantle
students immersed in work school marketing Fremantle
one on one tutoring Studio School Perth
innovative school furniture Perth branding Photography
happy students at Fremantle's alternative Studio School
teacher and student discussing project business branding
Science teacher talking through experiment Perth branding photography
engaged students practicing science experiments Perth Photography
open plan teaching spaces Perth school photography
Students drawing group project Perth Studio School
Studio School Fremantle outdoor classrooms
curved school desks transformative furniture Perth
student holding a beaker Fremantle school photography
students mucking about Fremantle branding photography
open plan classwork photography Perth
Stand up desks photo branding Perth
Student painting on a canvas photography Fremantle
Photography branding shoot School furniture study nooks
Perth School Branding photography study nooks
School branding photography Perth School facilities
Studio School Fremantle sign
bright classroom tree sculpture Studio school Fremantle
Student speaking to Admin Studio School Fremantle
teacher and student working on laptop Photography Fremantle
exciting learning environment Studio School Perth
School entry Studio School Fremantle
Signing in on iPad School reception Studio School Fremantle
integrative classroom furniture Perth school branding
Student painting portrait on canvas Photo branding shoots Perth
teacher and student high-five Perth Alternative high schools
student beading a necklace arts projects Perth branding photography
student photography in a light box Perth School photography
students laughing studio school Perth
open plan classrooms Perth's Alternative high schools
school craft projects classroom branding photography
students practicing safe cleaning practices Studio School Perth
student playing electric guitar and keyboard Perth Arts photography
group project photos for school branding
Students leaving class, black and white uniform school branding shoots
inquiring at Studio School reception school facilities
Foyer of Studio School overlooking Adelaide St. Perth photography
teacher at reception The Studio School Fremantle
students washing dishes in communal kitchen branding photography Perth
School photography Perth students working on laptop
teachers helping students school branding Perth
Teachers Studio School Fremantle School photography Perth
Studio School team school photography Perth
teacher supervising students Perth school branding
innovative School furniture Photography branding sessions Perth
group of students leaving Studio School Fremantle School branding
Teenagers chatting after school Studio School Fremantle
Studio School Fremantle courtyard during break
Studio School Fremantle group of friends walking together Perth photography
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